Inspiration / Shelves

At this very moment, I’m looking for some nice shelves to get my small stuff and little things organised. Don’t get me wrong, I would like the shelves to be as clean as possible, but still I need to find a place to display. Besides, it will decorate my empty wall. I have found some very nice shelf ideas. What is your favourite?

IKEA PS 2014 collection

The first storage system actually is from the new IKEA PS 2014 Collection. The designer is Tomás Alonso. All rectangled modules have two open sides, but can be (partially) closed by two different tops. I like the fact that it’s available in different colours (although you can always paint it yourself) and are easily stackable, but can also be attached to the wall. Though I wouldn’t use it for shoe storage nor coats.

Hexagon Shelves

I’m slightly obsessed with the honeycomb (or hexagon as you wish) form of almost everything. Shelves, mirrors, tiles for that matter, I like all. Crucial though, is the fact that I would like three of the same size.


Now this one is available both standing or wall mounted. Not sure yet, which one will do better.

Copper Shelves

As copper doesn’t seem to leave our interiors and hearts any time soon, this one from New Tendency (or rather a similar one as this is a little above budget) will shine perfectly at my wall.


Some very good looking and well decorated shelves. I like the (again) copper details and the magazines and the simpleness of the shelves themselves. Clean, barely there but yet very neat.


As with the previous one, same goes for these shelves. Clean, neat and well organised. The wired baskets add an industrial touch to it. Besides, the colour scheme is great: white and neutral.

What’s your favourite? I believe I slightly prefer the white shelves. Not sure which one of the three.


1 – Elle Decoration 2 – Etsy 3 – Vosgesparis 4 – New Tendency 5 – Womanistical 6 – Caisak


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