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Lately I’ve been stumbling upon some really nice baskets in several stores. I directly liked them, but I was trying to imagine what to do with them. Obviously baskets work as organizers, but since they’re see-through there’s no other choice than using them as decoration (it’s just a fact, isn’t it?). For now, I’m putting away my nice plaids and blankets in the closet as it is summertime and I barely use them (although, on these summer evenings you might need one!). I like the idea of displaying them in a nice wired basket. As for these baskets, there are of course many purposes.

Where would you like to use baskets for?

Wire Baskets



I really like the idea of using a basket as a shelf. Imagine them in the bathroom, filled with rolled up towels, hair and skin care products or toilet paper.


Baskets Not sure if it works handy to store bathroom utilities or plates in baskets, but it sure looks stunning. Baskets

I love these baskets from ferm LIVING! They not only look perfect, they are solid as well and come in really nice colours.



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