Cruels & Joys of the new season

With not only a new week and an new month starting today, also a new season has started today. Meteorologically speaking, that is (seen from an astronomically point of view, autumn starts at the 23th). August has past and september has made a nice entrance. I must say that I really love the month september. Autumn is probably my favorite season of the year, thus making me looking forward to september. The weather changes from bright and sunny to more cozy and really wet, as familiar the Netherlands. Even though I’m seriously made of sugar I love a little downpour when I’m inside. Nature is changing into its absolutely stunning-best with all beautiful colours.

With the rain on the background and a hot cup of coffee, reading through a stack of the september issues from various magazines is never a punishment. Neither is it a torture to shop for nice winter outfits, scented candles and blankets. Concerning clothing, isn’t autumn the best season to shop for? I mean, you can finally start to wear real clothing again. Instead of searching through your closet to find the least warm, but enough covering clothes, you can finally pick that warm pullover and layer it over a nice shirt.

Besides, september is the month of my birthday. When I was little, I used to tell everyone that it was almost my birthday starting in July already. Nowadays I rather not let everyone know I’m getting older again (like I’m the only one..). I’ve just never been the type of person throwing around big birthday parties. I love to have my close family and friends around, but I guess the best part of the day will be the diner with my boyfriend.

For now, let’s celebrate a new season.

How do you feel about autumn? Do you like it as much as I do? What’s your favorite month?

Cruels & Joys of the new season    New Season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Sources: 1 – Lucie Living 2 – A Well Traveled Woman

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