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Lists / 5 Favourites - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

I would like to share some random favourites of mine. From choice of music, to favourite reads. Curious? Enjoy! And don’t hesitate to tell me your favourites! 

1 – I guess you cannot even call this a favourite anymore, as I’ve got a longtime crush on The Script which goes back to their first hits in 2008. Since the first moment I heard ‘The man who can’t be moved’ and ‘Breakeven’ I’ve been listening to their music. I’ve been playing their album #3 non-stop for two years now. It’s on my phone, as well as it’s on repeat in my car every time I drive it. Though it usually happens that when you listen to a song too often it becomes annoying, this by no means goes for The Script. It’s not just their pleasant music, but the lyrics just speak to the mind. I love the way they describe feelings that we all know and put them into the right words. Now, after hearing their new single ‘Superheroes’ I can’t wait until I receive the pre-ordered new album ‘No sound without silence’. Unfortunately I have never been able to see them live in concert, though they are in the Netherlands soon, but I hope one day I’ll have a chance.

2 – I like making notes, create ‘To Do’ lists and organising my thoughts on paper. Thus I like notebooks. I currently use two, one for work and one for everyday stuff. The one for work has squared paper, which I like very much because it makes it easy to draw check boxes for my ‘To Do’ lists. The one I use for everyday stuff is my favourite one, as it’s a limited edition of Moleskine for Star Wars. Just because of that.

Lists / 5 Favourites - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

3 – As said I like paper. I like writing on it but I sure love to read from paper as well. Now I’m not really the type of person whom reads a lot of books. When people ask me if I read any books, I usually say that I don’t, but it came to mind that that’s not true! I just don’t read any ‘story’ books or literature, but I sure do read a lot of magazines and I love to read fashion books. Though interior decoration is the number one topic I like to read and write about, I prefer reading fashion books. I can recommend you to read ‘That extra half an inch” by Victoria Beckham and “Style” by Lauren Conrad. Both books help you go through your closet and discuss all available items and how to combine them. They help you find your own style and are written in a way that it’s a fun and easy read. Victoria Beckham has been an example for me ever since I was a little girl and listened to the Spice Girls. The fact that she is doing very well in the fashion industry is probably because she has such a good style. Right now I have ordered “Style A to Zoe” by Rachel Zoe and I can’t wait to read it.

Lists / 5 Favourites - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle  Lists / 5 Favourites - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

4 – Where for three months ago I wasn’t the type to drink coffee with extra milk in it, nowadays I love a good cappuccino. It comes in phases I guess. Now there’s cappuccino and cappuccino. It certainly differs from place to place. When in Arnhem, you should definitely check out Babo, which has the best coffee (and lemon meringue pie!) in the city. I can just really enjoy a good cup of coffee in general. Tea as well, though a coffee is the perfect start-up of a day.

Lists / 5 Favourites - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


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