KOBO Candles / Tobacco & Talc

Scents are very determent for creating an ambiance and can bring back memories so quickly. That’s why I personally love scented candles. As long as they smell good, that is. Founder Junko Kobori must have thought so as well. She missed the aroma’s of the journeys she made and wanted to bring the environments she visited back to life. In 2006 she started KOBO, a scented candle line.

Review / KOBO Scented Candles - Pistols Republic

These pretty looking candles are made of pure soy. Interesting to know is that the candles are made of sustainable soybeans grown in the USA and are created using environmentally friendly materials. Because of the purity of the candles they don’t pollute your home and the cotton wicks make sure that the flame is clean.

I’ve tried the Tabac & Talc version which caught my eye because of the interesting combination of notes.

Review / KOBO Scented Candles - Pistols Republic

I was curious what the scent of tabacco would smell like in a candle. I had the impression that it would be very overwhelming. Though the fragrance of this candle isn’t quite what I expected it to be. It has such a calming and warm character and jet a fresh hint because of the talc. It’s not a very present fragrance, resulting in a particularly pleasant ambiance. I would say it’s a good fragrance when you want to pamper yourself. Or someone else, cause don’t they look gorgeous?

Review / KOBO Scented Candles - Pistols Republic

The packaging of these soy candles is quite exclusive. All individual candles come in a unique cylindrical box with a specific design and colour. This makes the candles a great and luxurious gift or a perfect decorative item. No wrapping paper is needed. Each candle comes with a pack of wooden matches. KOBO candles are said to have 80 burn hours and cost about €30 each, which I believe is a fair deal for the quality and environmental friendly candle that you get for it.

Find out more fragrances here.


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