Cruels & Joys of the new season

Again, with the start of a new week and a new month also the new season started. Embrace yourself, winter is coming! And boy, did we notice it. Were november soft and dry, december starts of ice cold right away. With a forecast of wet snow tomorrow, I get the chills. Though being a real Dutchie, I’m not longing for ice skating season and the Elfstedentocht. Lots of layering, warm blankets and drinking all sorts of hot beverages should keep us warm. As chocolate is always a good answer, you should keep that close.

Cruels & Joys of the new season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle  Cruels & Joys of the new season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Autumn went so fast, as always happens with fun times. But no worries, the festive season is coming. With festivities at the end of the year, december is always a busy month. As presents need to be bought, stores indulge customers with glitter, sparkles and beautifully displayed windows and shops. With the early darkness, street lights create a cosy ambience. It’s like walking into the through Christmas movies like Love Actually or Home Alone. And honestly, I love it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, right?

How do you feel about the winter? Do you like ice skating and snow?

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