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Inspiring Concepts / Alexander Wang Concept Store

Architecture Joseph Dirand knows how to play with contrasts. The all black and white concept store of Alexander Wang in Beijing contains many contrasts highlighting the high-end lifestyle. With the use of raw materials like marble, concrete and bronze against the fragile, sleek mirror wall creates a highly aesthetic statement.

The vintage black leather sofa stands out against the 2 story high all-white wall. Most impressive is the marble staircase in between the mirrored walls, creating the idea of a gigantic place. Bronze sculptures and shelving display the luxurious goods.

Inspiring Concepts / Alexander Wang Concept Store



Inspiring Homes / Helsinki Heaven

This home has got some white! This bright apartment in Helsinki has quite a few nice features in it. As the basics are all white, the complementary items in black, wood and greenery jump out as real eye-catchers.

When in the living room, the eye is instantly drawn to the chair in the corner which just has the right colour of wood. The Moroccan rug brings extra warmth and coziness. Turning around, there is this fantastic divan, which is a great inspiration for a diy project. The marble tray, backsplash and kitchen countertop add some diversity in this all-white environment. Looking at these wire chairs make me realize that they’re still one of my favourites.

The small honeycomb bathroom tiles are just perfect. I really like the idea of having a striking bathroom floor as it is just a small place. These fun elements is what make a house a home, I believe..

Helsinki Heaven


Seven items to love

Things I Like

So I stumbled upon these seven items that instantly turned into favourites. Especially the pillow coming from Society 6. What a fantastic colour pallet and I just love the print. Luckily the mister likes them too so they might have a good chance to be ordered right away! The cool thing about this webshop is that it has the different prints and designs created by several artists available on other products as well. So if you like the design on a rug or a clock, that’s possible as well!

The rug and bench would look very good in our long hallway, which is still very empty at the moment. The lamp would be perfect to have as two night lights beside the bed, which would be covered by a beautiful grid print.

What are your favourite items at the moment? Do we share any?


Industrial Windows

Windows are very important in every interior. Old factory windows have an industrial and modern design. The usual black colour against a white interior make them jump out and attract the eye even more than a normal window. These traditional windows are often found in old churches and factories. Though that they have single glazing, they can be isolated with a special type of glass, making them excellent for residences.

Pistols Republic


Inspiring Homes / Marvelous Melbourne

This spacious and colourful home is situated in warm and sunny Melbourne. Owners Will and Lauren live here with their daughter Matilda. The home is in old-British Edwardian style but is completely renovated into a modern home by architect Clare Cousins.

The large windows create much light in the already very airy living room. A beautiful base of white and wood creates a neutral and elegant look with a calm atmosphere. The bright colourful accents in yellow and blue give an interesting twist.

Marvelous Melbourne / Pistols Republic – Interior & Lifestyle


Spring Proof Balconies

With the first sunbeams of spring peaking through the clouds and the temperatures rising up to double number degrees one can’t wait to go outside. Gardens need to be made spring proof and balconies need to be tidied up. As not everyone has a big garden (yours truly included), and balconies are fun and easy to maintain ánd can look very cozy and intimate. Space is often limited, so you need to improvise and be creative to make it work. Nevertheless, even the smallest balconies can be great!

So, how to make your balcony spring-proof?

Spring Proof Balconies / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Concepts / Denham’s Denim Bar

Yesterday, Denham the Jeanmaker opened its new store at the Lombardenvest in Antwerp. A popular shopping street with other brands like Acne and Scotch & Soda. In the Netherlands you can find the brand in the well-known 9 streets of Amsterdam, their hometown.

Last year they opened a bar in Amsterdam which ought to be the place to go for women to shop a perfectly fitting new pair of jeans making the journey to find a good pair fun. The all-women bar, right beside the women’s shop and close to the men’s store and service shop offers the full assortment of jeans. It even includes a unique 300° mirror, making it easy to check the fitting perfectly.

It has a very open and feminine, though tough appeal. All jeans stand out perfectly in the all-white store, creating a calming atmosphere. The use minimal details of plants and garments are just enough. I really like the denim coloured rug! All beautiful tones of blue attract the eye. When passing the store, you cannot just walk by, but have to take a look inside.

Denham’s Denim Bar / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Concepts / Tutze Store

Sometimes you can find amazing gems, one just needs a little help. I stumbled upon the TUTZE Store, not that far away from me in Harderwijk in the Netherlands. This store focuses on interior and lifestyle products which are trendy but exclusive, made out of natural products yet affordable.

The shop is in the style of a real home with a complete dining and living area. The pledge itself is all white with black and neutral as other basic colours and added tones of blue. It looks a lot like a home where I would like to live in!

TUTZE Store / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

I already like their webshop very much and I cannot wait to visit the store in real life.

Were you already familiar with TUTZE? Have you visited the store yet?


Inspiring Homes / Swedish Flair

This is the very inspiring apartment of Nils and Sofia Odier in Skåne, Sweden. Nils is a fashion photographer, Sofia a stylist. You can imagine that combination works well together. Put in a little bit of Lotta Agaton’s flair and you get the best result one could wish for. Of course, with a base of black-white-wood-greenery..


Swedish Flair - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Cruels & Joys of the new season

Crues & Joys of the new season / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Spring has started! Let’s celebrate with some lovely sunshine. This was in 2010 on one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Town: Clifton 3, our favourite! Concerning sunshine, we get tons of it in our new apartment! As we live on the 9th floor with a balcony facing south, we can enjoy sunshine all day.

As you might have noticed, blog updates weren’t as regularly as I wished. Some weeks have been quite quiet. As everything has its reasons, so did I. We have just been very busy with our new apartment, which is getting more and more ‘almost finished’ (as we know interior is never finished, right?). Though we feel very much at home, which is extremely important.

Besides the home, other factors are on my mind too. I’m busy with my master thesis which asks a lot of my spare time, work which truly is a delight with all the new spring/summer collections and sports (are we going to be the champion this season again?).

So about spring, I have got enough running for me but what about you? Do you have any special plans? What do you like most about spring?