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Seven items to love

Things I Like

So I stumbled upon these seven items that instantly turned into favourites. Especially the pillow coming from Society 6. What a fantastic colour pallet and I just love the print. Luckily the mister likes them too so they might have a good chance to be ordered right away! The cool thing about this webshop is that it has the different prints and designs created by several artists available on other products as well. So if you like the design on a rug or a clock, that’s possible as well!

The rug and bench would look very good in our long hallway, which is still very empty at the moment. The lamp would be perfect to have as two night lights beside the bed, which would be covered by a beautiful grid print.

What are your favourite items at the moment? Do we share any?


Cruels & Joys of the new season

Crues & Joys of the new season / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Spring has started! Let’s celebrate with some lovely sunshine. This was in 2010 on one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Town: Clifton 3, our favourite! Concerning sunshine, we get tons of it in our new apartment! As we live on the 9th floor with a balcony facing south, we can enjoy sunshine all day.

As you might have noticed, blog updates weren’t as regularly as I wished. Some weeks have been quite quiet. As everything has its reasons, so did I. We have just been very busy with our new apartment, which is getting more and more ‘almost finished’ (as we know interior is never finished, right?). Though we feel very much at home, which is extremely important.

Besides the home, other factors are on my mind too. I’m busy with my master thesis which asks a lot of my spare time, work which truly is a delight with all the new spring/summer collections and sports (are we going to be the champion this season again?).

So about spring, I have got enough running for me but what about you? Do you have any special plans? What do you like most about spring?

Best Wishes

I hope everyone has had a fantastic 2014. My friends and I always like to do a recap of the year. What were the best moments and which ones were not that great. Last year, 2013 I had a very steady year. No great accomplishments nor any interesting events happend back then. I can’t say 2014 was the same for me. It was one hell of a bumpy ride. With some sad but also a lot of beautiful events, that is!

Best Wishes - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle Best Wishes - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiration / Winter Wonderland

The most wonderful time of the year isn’t far away anymore and I’m totally fine with it. Though, I’ll spent the whole time indoors for work. Cause that’s what happens when you’ve got 3 different jobs. Anyway, let’s not drown in self-pity as I’m not complaining (I love my jobs!). I’m enjoying the pre-Christmas very much!

I already get the warm feeling inside when thinking about tacky Christmas movies, all the little lights, Christmas presents and fonduing – chocolate, no doubt . Though I’m an avid follower of minimalistic decorations as you can see here, I can’t help but enjoy traditional Christmas decorations as well. Especially when walking outside.

No advocate of a white Christmas here, but in the picture it always looks nice. “Baby it’s cold outside..”

Winter Wonderland - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Cruels & Joys of the new season

Again, with the start of a new week and a new month also the new season started. Embrace yourself, winter is coming! And boy, did we notice it. Were november soft and dry, december starts of ice cold right away. With a forecast of wet snow tomorrow, I get the chills. Though being a real Dutchie, I’m not longing for ice skating season and the Elfstedentocht. Lots of layering, warm blankets and drinking all sorts of hot beverages should keep us warm. As chocolate is always a good answer, you should keep that close.

Cruels & Joys of the new season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle  Cruels & Joys of the new season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Autumn went so fast, as always happens with fun times. But no worries, the festive season is coming. With festivities at the end of the year, december is always a busy month. As presents need to be bought, stores indulge customers with glitter, sparkles and beautifully displayed windows and shops. With the early darkness, street lights create a cosy ambience. It’s like walking into the through Christmas movies like Love Actually or Home Alone. And honestly, I love it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, right?

How do you feel about the winter? Do you like ice skating and snow?


Inspiration / Office

At the moment I work for multiple organisations, so I work in several environments and try to work at different desks and offices. Though I love the freedom of being able to work everywhere, I would like to have one real workspace to do most of my work when I’m at home. Right now, that would be the dining table but that is not the most convenient place to have all necessary notebooks, pens and other stuff laying around.

Inspiration / Office – Pistols Republic – Interior & Lifestyle

To create a nice atmosphere where I can work my ass off, I searched for the ideal workspace or office. Will you join me to find one?


Birthday weekend

As I had a very nice birthday weekend, I just want to give a small update.  I had a very nice day on the day itself. Though I had to work, I had a pleasant time working. I received a lovely birthday gift and beautiful flowers from my employer and colleagues so it really felt like my birthday. The next day I visited my other job to bring a big apple pie and I had a drink with my sweet colleagues over there. They had already congratulated me as they’d sang a birthday song on my voicemail. In the evening my family came over and we had a very pleasant evening.

On sunday, me and the mister went to Amsterdam to enjoy our time together, do some shopping and some serious dining at Café de Klos. They have the best spare-ribs you can imagine, but I’m never able to empty my plate. Lucky for me, they give a doggybag when leaving, thus I could enjoy some spare-ribs later at home!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and good time!

Cruels & Joys of the new season

With not only a new week and an new month starting today, also a new season has started today. Meteorologically speaking, that is (seen from an astronomically point of view, autumn starts at the 23th). August has past and september has made a nice entrance. I must say that I really love the month september. Autumn is probably my favorite season of the year, thus making me looking forward to september. The weather changes from bright and sunny to more cozy and really wet, as familiar the Netherlands. Even though I’m seriously made of sugar I love a little downpour when I’m inside. Nature is changing into its absolutely stunning-best with all beautiful colours.

With the rain on the background and a hot cup of coffee, reading through a stack of the september issues from various magazines is never a punishment. Neither is it a torture to shop for nice winter outfits, scented candles and blankets. Concerning clothing, isn’t autumn the best season to shop for? I mean, you can finally start to wear real clothing again. Instead of searching through your closet to find the least warm, but enough covering clothes, you can finally pick that warm pullover and layer it over a nice shirt.

Besides, september is the month of my birthday. When I was little, I used to tell everyone that it was almost my birthday starting in July already. Nowadays I rather not let everyone know I’m getting older again (like I’m the only one..). I’ve just never been the type of person throwing around big birthday parties. I love to have my close family and friends around, but I guess the best part of the day will be the diner with my boyfriend.

For now, let’s celebrate a new season.

How do you feel about autumn? Do you like it as much as I do? What’s your favorite month?

Cruels & Joys of the new season    New Season - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

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