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Inspiring Concepts / Alexander Wang Concept Store

Architecture Joseph Dirand knows how to play with contrasts. The all black and white concept store of Alexander Wang in Beijing contains many contrasts highlighting the high-end lifestyle. With the use of raw materials like marble, concrete and bronze against the fragile, sleek mirror wall creates a highly aesthetic statement.

The vintage black leather sofa stands out against the 2 story high all-white wall. Most impressive is the marble staircase in between the mirrored walls, creating the idea of a gigantic place. Bronze sculptures and shelving display the luxurious goods.

Inspiring Concepts / Alexander Wang Concept Store



Inspiring Concepts / Denham’s Denim Bar

Yesterday, Denham the Jeanmaker opened its new store at the Lombardenvest in Antwerp. A popular shopping street with other brands like Acne and Scotch & Soda. In the Netherlands you can find the brand in the well-known 9 streets of Amsterdam, their hometown.

Last year they opened a bar in Amsterdam which ought to be the place to go for women to shop a perfectly fitting new pair of jeans making the journey to find a good pair fun. The all-women bar, right beside the women’s shop and close to the men’s store and service shop offers the full assortment of jeans. It even includes a unique 300° mirror, making it easy to check the fitting perfectly.

It has a very open and feminine, though tough appeal. All jeans stand out perfectly in the all-white store, creating a calming atmosphere. The use minimal details of plants and garments are just enough. I really like the denim coloured rug! All beautiful tones of blue attract the eye. When passing the store, you cannot just walk by, but have to take a look inside.

Denham’s Denim Bar / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Concepts / Tutze Store

Sometimes you can find amazing gems, one just needs a little help. I stumbled upon the TUTZE Store, not that far away from me in Harderwijk in the Netherlands. This store focuses on interior and lifestyle products which are trendy but exclusive, made out of natural products yet affordable.

The shop is in the style of a real home with a complete dining and living area. The pledge itself is all white with black and neutral as other basic colours and added tones of blue. It looks a lot like a home where I would like to live in!

TUTZE Store / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

I already like their webshop very much and I cannot wait to visit the store in real life.

Were you already familiar with TUTZE? Have you visited the store yet?


Inspiring Concepts / Three is a Charm

To have one designer to style your apartment is pleasant, to say the least. Imagine the outcome when three designers are given the bridle. Can’t be but astonishing. This 72m2, two bedroom apartment is a joy to look at. The fireplace has a central role in each design, though the setting differs.

Three is a Charm - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle    Three is a Charm - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Three is a Charm - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

No matter which designer you’d choose, either way it looks good. As we speak about choosing, which one would you prefer? I’ve already made up my mind.. or have I? Beware for a lot of inspiration!


Inspiring Concepts / #IKEAcatalogus

IKEA has a great new initiative. Aways wanted to design your own IKEA room in the store? You are able to do so now! Create your perfect bedroom and bathroom on a Pinterest board and use the hashtag #IKEAcatalogus. IKEA will choose the most inspiring board and the winner will be able to bring the board alive in the IKEA store in Amsterdam. Besides, you can win €2.500 to spend in the IKEA store as you wish. You can join the contest until the 15th of september. I just found out so I wanted to keep you updated. Take a chance, get creative and join the contest!

Find my impression of a perfect IKEA bed- and bathroom at my Pinterest board.

Inspiring Concepts / #IKEAcatalogus - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring concepts / The Apartment

A new ready to live in apartment slash everything on sale concept store has opened it’s doors to welcome visitors in their beautiful ‘home’! The Line is an online shop where you can find carefully considered fashion, beauty, art and interior essentials. Recently, they opened their concept store in New York City. Based in not just any average apartment (that’s why it’s called ‘The Apartment’) in the popular neighborhood of SOHO, you can find this amazing loft. It is beautifully decorated and I really like the appealing atmosphere. From the marble side tables to the Moroccan rug, all the various sorts of textures and the colour palette. It can only be said that it’s a very inspiring place. It’s chique, cozy, casual and

Can you find yourself living in this apartment? What do you like most?

Flagship store, apartment


Inspiring concepts / The Row

As for my marketing communications background, with a focus on sensory marketing and storytelling, I’m utterly fascinated by the new phenomenon of the ready to live in apartment slash everything on sale concept stores. It first caught my eye when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen opened their flagship store of their brand The Row on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, so let we just start right there.

All items are for sale, from the women’s wear with shoes, bags and accessories to the furniture. Everything, that is. The idea behind is that the store looks like a real apartment, with real furniture, real art on the walls and complete rooms where one could actually live in. The reason for this specific apartment is clear: Mary-Kate and Ashley have spent a lot of time of their childhoods in this apartment, as the place was the former location of the salon of Sally Hershberger and John Frieda. This story behind the apartment, the items and inspiring products in combination with their own collection is what really complete’s the experience of shopping (or just looking) at the Olsen’s brand. I believe this makes the Olsen sisters (again) one step ahead of the competition.

Now, when you like the idea of shopping in the Olsen’s very well styled apartment, please have a look at the apartment of The Row.

Apartment Stores