Interior Inspiration

Industrial Windows

Windows are very important in every interior. Old factory windows have an industrial and modern design. The usual black colour against a white interior make them jump out and attract the eye even more than a normal window. These traditional windows are often found in old churches and factories. Though that they have single glazing, they can be isolated with a special type of glass, making them excellent for residences.

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Spring Proof Balconies

With the first sunbeams of spring peaking through the clouds and the temperatures rising up to double number degrees one can’t wait to go outside. Gardens need to be made spring proof and balconies need to be tidied up. As not everyone has a big garden (yours truly included), and balconies are fun and easy to maintain ánd can look very cozy and intimate. Space is often limited, so you need to improvise and be creative to make it work. Nevertheless, even the smallest balconies can be great!

So, how to make your balcony spring-proof?

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Travel Inspiration

Who doesn’t like to travel? To explore the world around you? Examine new cultures and habits and see what beauty the earth has to offer? Personally, I love to plan my next trips, find out which place I want to discover and dream about walking around in remote area’s in distant countries.

I get really impressed by following @natgeo on Instagram, for example. The beautiful images keep me dreaming about the trips I’ve already made and the trips I should make in the future.

What inspires me also is the idea of having a massive vintage world map on the now empty wall in our living room. We are looking around to find the perfect world map to place on our wall. I’ve had this idea for quite a while now, though now I have the favourable circumstance to actually place one.

How do you feel about world maps? Do you like the idea of having a huge map on the wall? If you have any tips of a giant (vintage) maps, please let me know!

Travel Inspiration - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiration / Table Decor

When the real hassle about the food has been resolved, the next issue pops-up. How to serve it? Als you probably want to splurge a little, as it’s a special event, you’re using your finest dishes and tableware. I’m showing you a couple of options. Just keep it save, keep it simple.

Inspiration / Table Decor - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

This table setting has the right amount of gold in it, without looking overdone. Combined with the little greenery, the nuts and all the white, this looks like a perfect setting. Gold is just a colour that screams Christmas to me, thus making it almost irreplaceable on the table.


Bring in the trees

Ah threes, the lungs of the earth. Though people are against the massive chopping of forests, every year again, tons of fir trees are (sustainably) chopped just for being a temporarily decorative items. Personally, I don’t mind having a fake tree, as it is much easier (oh the lazy person) and honestly, better looking in shape.

Christmas is often the chance to pile it on and go loose with all sorts of decorative items. Being an advocate of less is more, I searched for Christmas trees with a minimalistic touch.

Do you like these minimalistic trees?

Bring in the trees - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Colour scheme / Browns

Though black and white is the perfect combination, the colour scheme with brown tones isn’t bad either. I’m actually growing some sort of thing for these darker brown hues. It combines perfectly with raw elements like woods and concrete and though they are cool colours, they create a sort of warm and cozy atmosphere. When adding the green of plants, the picture looks perfect. Imagine having a brown, old suitcase as a side table. Add some warm and comforting knitted pillows and blankets. It leaves a familiar vibe of a warm and personal interior, winter ready!

How do you feel about browns in your interior? 

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Inspiration / Owls

Owls are smart, beautiful and interesting animals. Thus why not use them to decorate your home? Their natural colours blend in very well with neutral colour schemes in your interior, but still draw attention as they are a little piece of art.

Do you like owls as interior decoration as well?

Inspiration / Owls - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

Ikea has these extremely cute owls in their Christmas collection. Though it’s a Christmas ball, I would definitely hang these white owls around the house any time of the year!


Inspiration / Ceiling of greenery

When I was a kid, my mother used to have hanging plant in our home. I really enjoyed them and found them interesting to see. They lasted for a while at our place, until a small incedent happened. My sister pulled one down and until today, her forehead is still marked with a small scar. Our mother removed all the hanging plants, though I believed my sister instantly learned from it. She’d never pull a plant again.

Inspiration / Ceiling of Greenery - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

There are different ways to hang plants around your house. One can use several platforms, as the ones underneath, or use a macrame holder. For myself I prefer a simple, tree rope holder as the one above.