Spring Proof Balconies

With the first sunbeams of spring peaking through the clouds and the temperatures rising up to double number degrees one can’t wait to go outside. Gardens need to be made spring proof and balconies need to be tidied up. As not everyone has a big garden (yours truly included), and balconies are fun and easy to maintain ánd can look very cozy and intimate. Space is often limited, so you need to improvise and be creative to make it work. Nevertheless, even the smallest balconies can be great!

So, how to make your balcony spring-proof?

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Inspiring Homes / Swedish Flair

This is the very inspiring apartment of Nils and Sofia Odier in Skåne, Sweden. Nils is a fashion photographer, Sofia a stylist. You can imagine that combination works well together. Put in a little bit of Lotta Agaton’s flair and you get the best result one could wish for. Of course, with a base of black-white-wood-greenery..


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Inspiring Homes / Concrete Craving

“No, it looks way too cold, I already get chilly when I look at it.” “But you can install underfloor heating?” “Don’t care, I don’t like it.” Those where his final words, so no more arguing, no concrete floor for me. I can’t even speak to his mind by showing this apartment of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, a Danish designer, stylist and photographer and the founder of Norm Architects. Norm Architects also happens to design for Menu, which is directly noticeable by the minimalistic and geometrical style they use through their designs, resulting in timeless but innovative items. With perfect aesthetics, that is.

This way of designing is also reflected in the interior of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. His home, close to Copenhagen shows his fine feeling for refinement. The light and open spaced house is a combination of sleek design and natural materials. The gigantic closet in the bedroom does not reach all the way to the ceiling, indicating there is some sort of hidden room in there, creating some sort of mystical touch..

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Inspiring Homes / Attic Apartment

When I was looking for attic spaces for this article, I stumbled upon this lovely attic apartment in Sweden. Though the apartment is just 55 m² is looks spacious and has a very open atmosphere. As the base of this apartment is obviously white, the hints of several different colours make the apartment interesting. I prefer the kitchen and dining area, as there aren’t too many colours involved. The bedroom and living area just have too much colour as far as I’m concerned.

As often comes with attic apartments, the view is perfect! Besides, the ceiling makes the space interesting and cozy as well. Because of the many windows, this home enjoys a lot of sunlight. Combined with the choice of lots of white the apartment looks even bigger.

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Inspiration / Apartment Exterior #2

Though it’s the inside that counts, one cannot deny that an exquisite appearance is always nice. Same goes with apartments. An appealing home exterior is worth dreaming of right? As not everyone has the opportunity to build their own house form scratch. However, some people do and that’s when these interesting buildings are constructed. Yet most of the apartments underneath have something old in them (the bricks). Combined with new and modern additions (the glass and black frameworks) they create something unique and as far as I’m concerned, attractive.

Inspiration / Apartment Exterior #2 - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

This combination of old and new materials and concepts creates not so ordinary exteriors which ask for a profound look and make you think of what the inside would look like. Do you agree?


Inspiring concepts / The Apartment

A new ready to live in apartment slash everything on sale concept store has opened it’s doors to welcome visitors in their beautiful ‘home’! The Line is an online shop where you can find carefully considered fashion, beauty, art and interior essentials. Recently, they opened their concept store in New York City. Based in not just any average apartment (that’s why it’s called ‘The Apartment’) in the popular neighborhood of SOHO, you can find this amazing loft. It is beautifully decorated and I really like the appealing atmosphere. From the marble side tables to the Moroccan rug, all the various sorts of textures and the colour palette. It can only be said that it’s a very inspiring place. It’s chique, cozy, casual and

Can you find yourself living in this apartment? What do you like most?

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Inspiring concepts / The Row

As for my marketing communications background, with a focus on sensory marketing and storytelling, I’m utterly fascinated by the new phenomenon of the ready to live in apartment slash everything on sale concept stores. It first caught my eye when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen opened their flagship store of their brand The Row on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, so let we just start right there.

All items are for sale, from the women’s wear with shoes, bags and accessories to the furniture. Everything, that is. The idea behind is that the store looks like a real apartment, with real furniture, real art on the walls and complete rooms where one could actually live in. The reason for this specific apartment is clear: Mary-Kate and Ashley have spent a lot of time of their childhoods in this apartment, as the place was the former location of the salon of Sally Hershberger and John Frieda. This story behind the apartment, the items and inspiring products in combination with their own collection is what really complete’s the experience of shopping (or just looking) at the Olsen’s brand. I believe this makes the Olsen sisters (again) one step ahead of the competition.

Now, when you like the idea of shopping in the Olsen’s very well styled apartment, please have a look at the apartment of The Row.

Apartment Stores


Inspiration / Apartment Exterior

Mijn droomhuis is een appartement. Geen groot huis met een grote tuin, maar sky high in een grote stad (New York!) met een uitzicht van heb ik jou daar. Tja, je moet wat te dromen hebben he? Een mooie gevel, met opvallende en grote industriële ramen die zorgen voor een mooi lichtinval in je interieur. Kijk mee naar deze prachtige panden met een industriële twist.

Apartment Exterior