Industrial Windows

Windows are very important in every interior. Old factory windows have an industrial and modern design. The usual black colour against a white interior make them jump out and attract the eye even more than a normal window. These traditional windows are often found in old churches and factories. Though that they have single glazing, they can be isolated with a special type of glass, making them excellent for residences.

Pistols Republic



Inspiration / Apartment Exterior #2

Though it’s the inside that counts, one cannot deny that an exquisite appearance is always nice. Same goes with apartments. An appealing home exterior is worth dreaming of right? As not everyone has the opportunity to build their own house form scratch. However, some people do and that’s when these interesting buildings are constructed. Yet most of the apartments underneath have something old in them (the bricks). Combined with new and modern additions (the glass and black frameworks) they create something unique and as far as I’m concerned, attractive.

Inspiration / Apartment Exterior #2 - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

This combination of old and new materials and concepts creates not so ordinary exteriors which ask for a profound look and make you think of what the inside would look like. Do you agree?


Contrasts / Black & White

The world is full of contrasts. Sure thing is the first of all that pops in mind is black and white. Ofcourse. There’s no bigger contrast than black and white, is there? These two are complete opposites of each other, but when working with contrasts, that does not always have to be the case. Though we might discuss that later on. Thus a good reason to start with this lovely couple. They are a perfect base to build on but also a perfect finishing detail.

Strong and firm versus fragile and delicate. Do you like the contrast of black and white? 

Contrasts / Black & White - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiration / Apartment Exterior

Mijn droomhuis is een appartement. Geen groot huis met een grote tuin, maar sky high in een grote stad (New York!) met een uitzicht van heb ik jou daar. Tja, je moet wat te dromen hebben he? Een mooie gevel, met opvallende en grote industriële ramen die zorgen voor een mooi lichtinval in je interieur. Kijk mee naar deze prachtige panden met een industriële twist.

Apartment Exterior