Inspiring Homes / Marvelous Melbourne

This spacious and colourful home is situated in warm and sunny Melbourne. Owners Will and Lauren live here with their daughter Matilda. The home is in old-British Edwardian style but is completely renovated into a modern home by architect Clare Cousins.

The large windows create much light in the already very airy living room. A beautiful base of white and wood creates a neutral and elegant look with a calm atmosphere. The bright colourful accents in yellow and blue give an interesting twist.

Marvelous Melbourne / Pistols Republic – Interior & Lifestyle



Spring Proof Balconies

With the first sunbeams of spring peaking through the clouds and the temperatures rising up to double number degrees one can’t wait to go outside. Gardens need to be made spring proof and balconies need to be tidied up. As not everyone has a big garden (yours truly included), and balconies are fun and easy to maintain ánd can look very cozy and intimate. Space is often limited, so you need to improvise and be creative to make it work. Nevertheless, even the smallest balconies can be great!

So, how to make your balcony spring-proof?

Spring Proof Balconies / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Concepts / Denham’s Denim Bar

Yesterday, Denham the Jeanmaker opened its new store at the Lombardenvest in Antwerp. A popular shopping street with other brands like Acne and Scotch & Soda. In the Netherlands you can find the brand in the well-known 9 streets of Amsterdam, their hometown.

Last year they opened a bar in Amsterdam which ought to be the place to go for women to shop a perfectly fitting new pair of jeans making the journey to find a good pair fun. The all-women bar, right beside the women’s shop and close to the men’s store and service shop offers the full assortment of jeans. It even includes a unique 300° mirror, making it easy to check the fitting perfectly.

It has a very open and feminine, though tough appeal. All jeans stand out perfectly in the all-white store, creating a calming atmosphere. The use minimal details of plants and garments are just enough. I really like the denim coloured rug! All beautiful tones of blue attract the eye. When passing the store, you cannot just walk by, but have to take a look inside.

Denham’s Denim Bar / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Concepts / Tutze Store

Sometimes you can find amazing gems, one just needs a little help. I stumbled upon the TUTZE Store, not that far away from me in Harderwijk in the Netherlands. This store focuses on interior and lifestyle products which are trendy but exclusive, made out of natural products yet affordable.

The shop is in the style of a real home with a complete dining and living area. The pledge itself is all white with black and neutral as other basic colours and added tones of blue. It looks a lot like a home where I would like to live in!

TUTZE Store / Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

I already like their webshop very much and I cannot wait to visit the store in real life.

Were you already familiar with TUTZE? Have you visited the store yet?


Inspiring Homes / Concrete Craving

“No, it looks way too cold, I already get chilly when I look at it.” “But you can install underfloor heating?” “Don’t care, I don’t like it.” Those where his final words, so no more arguing, no concrete floor for me. I can’t even speak to his mind by showing this apartment of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, a Danish designer, stylist and photographer and the founder of Norm Architects. Norm Architects also happens to design for Menu, which is directly noticeable by the minimalistic and geometrical style they use through their designs, resulting in timeless but innovative items. With perfect aesthetics, that is.

This way of designing is also reflected in the interior of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. His home, close to Copenhagen shows his fine feeling for refinement. The light and open spaced house is a combination of sleek design and natural materials. The gigantic closet in the bedroom does not reach all the way to the ceiling, indicating there is some sort of hidden room in there, creating some sort of mystical touch..

Inspiring Homes / Concrete Craving - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Travel Inspiration

Who doesn’t like to travel? To explore the world around you? Examine new cultures and habits and see what beauty the earth has to offer? Personally, I love to plan my next trips, find out which place I want to discover and dream about walking around in remote area’s in distant countries.

I get really impressed by following @natgeo on Instagram, for example. The beautiful images keep me dreaming about the trips I’ve already made and the trips I should make in the future.

What inspires me also is the idea of having a massive vintage world map on the now empty wall in our living room. We are looking around to find the perfect world map to place on our wall. I’ve had this idea for quite a while now, though now I have the favourable circumstance to actually place one.

How do you feel about world maps? Do you like the idea of having a huge map on the wall? If you have any tips of a giant (vintage) maps, please let me know!

Travel Inspiration - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Menu / Jewelry Box

Jewelry is one of the hardest items to organise and store well. One should be careful not to mess up subtle hangers and necklaces. Some jewels can be so small and not to mention precious, that it’s wise to keep them save in a little box. Menu’s minimalistic jewelry box might just be the perfect answer.

The neat large mirror comes in very handy. It’s not too big and it can be stored away easily. Though it’s too pretty to store away. It might just be the perfect place to store my growing watches collection.

Menu / Jewelry Box - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiring Homes / All about the Details

‘Couldn’t be white enough’ would my mother in law say. If someone’s into white interiors, she is. Though this isn’t the home of my mother in law, but it sure could be! This frost white home belongs to interior design and photography blogger Elisabeth Heier and is full of perfect details. The crisp white throughout the interior creates a clean base causing the interesting details to stand out even more. The paintings, the greenery, the stack of magazines and the interesting shapes and materials. It’s all in the details.

Inspiring Homes / All about the details - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle


Inspiration / Table Decor

When the real hassle about the food has been resolved, the next issue pops-up. How to serve it? Als you probably want to splurge a little, as it’s a special event, you’re using your finest dishes and tableware. I’m showing you a couple of options. Just keep it save, keep it simple.

Inspiration / Table Decor - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle

This table setting has the right amount of gold in it, without looking overdone. Combined with the little greenery, the nuts and all the white, this looks like a perfect setting. Gold is just a colour that screams Christmas to me, thus making it almost irreplaceable on the table.


Inspiring Homes / Modern Teal

This modern, scandinavian style home can be found in Stockholm. This inspiring place works with a complete neutral colour palette, combined with one popping colour: teal. Though often it happens that when working with one highlighted colour it turns out to be ‘overdone’. It can look like one tried too much to make this one colour work. This surely isn’t the case in this interior. The teal colour is present in the right amount and blends in with the rest of the interior perfectly, yet it stands out.

Further furnishing is also well chosen. The rug in the livingroom, the wired chair, the glass wall, the blushing colours upstairs and the hexagon side table. All lovely items. Too bad there aren’t any pictures of the greenery, next to the dining room which appears to be interesting as well.

What do you think of this place? Do you like the teal colour? 

Inspiring Homes / Modern Teal - Pistols Republic - Interior & Lifestyle